Chipset vs Module Bluetooth LE Solutions: The Ultimate Guide

Chipset vs. Module BLE Solutions

Whether you’re creating a new Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) product or updating an existing one, deciding whether to go with a chipset vs a module is a very important decision. What’s the difference between the two? And which one is best for you? Summary Answer: SoC chipset is an IC that integrates a programmable processor,…

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17 Most Popular Bluetooth Low Energy Chipsets Compared

17 Most Popular BLE Chipsets Compared

According to Pareto’s 80/20 rule, roughly 80% of the results come from 20% of the efforts. There are probably over a hundred of BLE System-on-Chips (SoCs) in the market, but most come from only a handful of manufacturers. So, who are the top players in the BLE chipset industry? The most popular Bluetooth LE SoCs…

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How to Protect the Privacy of Your Bluetooth Low Energy Device

There are several ways to secure BLE device communications. One way is to randomize the MAC address of the device. This is an effective way to thwart passive tracking and device spoofing attacks. If you are developing a BLE device, make sure to implement MAC address randomization in conjunction with other security measures, such as…

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Native vs. Cross-Platform Bluetooth Low Energy Mobile App Development

Native vs. 3rd party BLE mobile app development

This post comes straight from the Bluetooth Developer Academy community forums. It all started with this simple question from one of the Academy members: We are planning to start making an app for Android phones and iPhones from scratch and wondering what BLE developers’ thoughts on language choice are. I believe the most common language (for BLE app development)…

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Introducing the Nordic nRF5340 LE Audio Development Kit

Introducing nRF5340 LE Audio Development Kit

Introduction In this week’s post/video, we cover the newest development kit from Nordic Semiconductor: the nRF5340 LE Audio development kit, which was released today (May 10, 2022). You can learn more about the development kit here. LE Audio represents the next generation of Bluetooth audio! It requires support for an optional feature that was introduced…

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How to Manage Multiple BLE Peripherals in iOS [SwiftUI]

How to Manage Multiple BLE Peripherals in iOS

This tutorial is an excerpt from a course available within the Bluetooth Developer Academy, developed in collaboration with Anas Imtiaz, Ph.D. For the purpose of this tutorial (separated into two parts), our goal is to create an iOS app that can manage multiple BLE peripherals. Our example will be an app that can be used…

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How Bluetooth Low Energy Works: Advertisements (Part 2)

In this week’s post, we’ll continue our discussion on Bluetooth Advertisements (first part here) and cover them in a bit more detail. Bluetooth Advertisements are crucial for any BLE device since they are utilized for all types of applications, whether that’s a device that allows connections or one that simply advertises its presence and includes…

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Introduction to BLE Mobile Development [iOS] – Part 2

This post is an excerpt from a course developed by Anas Imtiaz, Ph.D. which is available within the Bluetooth Developer Academy. In a previous post (Introduction to BLE Mobile Development for iOS), we covered: Setting up Xcode for BLE development Bluetooth permissions Scanning for BLE peripherals Connecting to a BLE peripheral In today’s post, we…

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How Bluetooth Low Energy Works: 21 Interesting Facts

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in Bluetooth Low Energy development, it’s always good to take a step back and revisit some of the basics and facts. In this post, I’ll be going through a list of 21 facts about Bluetooth Low Energy technology. You may know about all of these, but it’s always…

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How Bluetooth Low Energy Works: Advertisements (Part 1)

To fully understand advertisements in BLE, we need to take a step back and learn about one of the layers within the architecture of BLE: the Generic Access Profile (GAP). GAP provides a framework that defines how BLE devices interact with each other. This includes: Roles of BLE devices Advertisements (Broadcasting, Discovery, Advertisement parameters, Advertisement…

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A Deep Dive Into Eddystone Beacons (nRF52 + Zephyr use case)

As a continuation of our series on Bluetooth beacons (part 1 here, part 2 here, and part 3 here), today we’ll be covering Google’s Eddystone standard in more detail along with implementation. The Eddystone standard was released as an alternative and competitor to Apple’s iBeacon standard. It provides similar functionality to iBeacon, but also goes…

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Bluetooth Addresses & Privacy in Bluetooth Low Energy

Like a MAC address for LAN-connected devices, Bluetooth devices also have an identity address associated with each device. Understanding how Bluetooth addresses work is crucial for every BLE developer, especially when device privacy is a concern. So, what is a Bluetooth Address? A Bluetooth address sometimes referred to as a Bluetooth MAC address, is a…

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A Deep Dive into BLE Packets and Events

In BLE, there are many events and operations that can be exchanged between a Peripheral and a Central. Understanding these events is imperative for any BLE developer, and there are two aspects to achieving this: Learn the concepts in theory. Learn by analyzing them using a Bluetooth analyzer (sniffer) captures. I believe these two methods…

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Getting Started with the New Silicon Labs BG22 Chipset

Today (March 23, 2020), Silicon Labs released the next generation of their Bluetooth SoCs: the EFR32BG22 chipset family. The chipset features an ARM Cortex-M33 which supports the latest version of Bluetooth: version 5.2 (including features from versions 5.1 and 5.0). More importantly, the chipset features the following enhancements: Significantly lower power consumption compared to the…

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Introduction to BLE Mobile Development [iOS]

This tutorial represents a small portion of a complete course on BLE development for iOS in the Bluetooth Developer Academy. The course was developed in partnership with Anas Imtiaz, PhD. In this tutorial, we will look at developing iPhone/iPad apps that interface with a Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral to send/receive data. We will start by…

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