Bluetooth Addresses & Privacy in Bluetooth Low Energy

By Mohammad Afaneh | April 6, 2020 |

Like a MAC address for LAN connected devices, Bluetooth devices also have an identity address associated with each device. Understanding how Bluetooth addresses work is crucial for every BLE developer,…

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A Deep Dive into BLE Packets and Events

By Mohammad Afaneh | March 30, 2020 |

In BLE, there are many events and operations that can be exchanged between a Peripheral and a Central. Understanding these events is imperative for any BLE developer, and there are…

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Getting Started with the New Silicon Labs BG22 Chipset

By Mohammad Afaneh | March 23, 2020 |

Today (March 23, 2020), Silicon Labs released the next generation of their Bluetooth SoCs: the EFR32BG22 chipset family. The chipset features an ARM Cortex-M33 which supports the latest version of…

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Introduction to BLE Mobile Development [iOS]

By Mohammad Afaneh | March 16, 2020 |

This tutorial represents a small portion of a complete course on BLE development for iOS in the Bluetooth Developer Academy. The course was developed in partnership with Anas Imtiaz, PhD.…

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The Ultimate Guide to What’s New in Bluetooth version 5.2

By Mohammad Afaneh | March 9, 2020 |

Introduction A couple of months ago at CES 2020 (January 2020), the Bluetooth SIG introduced the latest version of Bluetooth, version 5.2. This announcement was made alongside the announcement of…

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