Do you struggle with going from theory to practice with BLE?

Learning a new technology is always a challenge, which also usually comes with a steep learning curve. Some technologies are easier to learn than others. Unfortunately, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is one of those hard ones. The lack of good resources that help you take the knowledge of BLE and apply to a real-life application makes this task even more difficult.

Maybe you already know enough about BLE to be dangerous. You've read through multiple books and blog posts on the subject, but then ... you find that it's a completely new struggle to apply that knowledge and translate it into developing a real BLE application. You're looking for that next step that will smoothen the ride and help you develop BLE applications on a real embedded platform much faster.

Developing BLE applications doesn't have to be a struggle

Every BLE chipset is different. Each one has a different set of APIs and introduces a new learning curve beyond learning BLE technology itself. After you've gone through multiple resources and you're starting to feel comfortable with the concepts and basics, you're smacked in the face with another obstacle: learning how to develop for yet another embedded platform!

You're probably already familiar with the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52 series chipsets. In the last few years, Nordic has become the most popular platform for developing and designing BLE devices. This comes without a surprise since Nordic's platform is the most developer-friendly platform in the market. One of the challenges though is getting started with the development of even the simplest of applications.  There aren't many beginner or walk-through tutorials and guides that help you take the leap from theory to implementation for this widely popular platform.

You can do way better, and I will show you how

On my journey of learning BLE and developing dozens of BLE applications for the Nordic nRF52 platform, I've gone through many obstacles and hoops. I've gone through building applications that range from a simple Peripheral to a complex Gateway-like device that acts as a Central connecting to multiple Peripherals and as a Peripheral itself for allowing smartphone connectivity.

This is what I live and breathe every day, but I can only take on so many consulting projects at a given time. This is why I'm now sharing everything I've learned.


Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth Low Energy: A Developer's Guide

The Only Practical Bluetooth 5 & BLE Developer Guide for the nRF52 series

Bluetooth 5 & Bluetooth Low Energy: A Developer's Guide cover

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This 230-page e-book was designed to be the easiest to follow and most up-to-date guide for learning and developing Bluetooth Low Energy applications.

Here's a tiny list of the benefits this book will provide:

  • Develop a deep understanding of BLE and Bluetooth 5
  • Apply your learning and knowledge of the technology to developing real BLE applications
  • Guide you through developing a complete BLE Home Automation system on the nRF52 platform from scratch
  • Master testing and debugging BLE applications
  • Learn how to use the different nRF tools necessary for every nRF BLE developer
Joshua Horne Portrait

Joshua Horne

Chief Technical Officer

"The book has saved me countless hours of learning Bluetooth Low Energy. A lot of the confusion of reading blog posts and forums has been cleared away by the straightforward explanations in the ebook. This has become my go-to guide for Bluetooth Low Energy development."

"I was able to get started developing in about an hour whereas some of my colleagues took days to get their development environment set up."

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David Elvig Portrait

David Elvig

"The book is clear and consistent and seems to cover the breadth of BLE. The book chooses a balance between broad coverage of BLE and it's several main vendors but then honing in on Nordic Semiconductor to allow getting a real project done. The worst thing for me was timing... I wish I had read this earlier in my learning curve."

Who am I? And why did I write this book

Mohammad Afaneh

Hi! My name is Mohammad Afaneh.

My interest in Bluetooth Low Energy sparked back in 2014. When I first started learning about BLE and how to develop applications on the embedded side, I spent hours, days, and weeks just researching and reading everything I could find on the topic. The learning curve was steep and going through the Bluetooth specification document was utterly frustrating!

It’s true for many other technologies, but I’ve found that many of the resources and books on BLE leave a huge gap when going from theory to practice. I would learn something interesting about BLE from the specification, but then find out that using it and implementing it for a given platform was very disconnected from what I read.

But, I didn't give up and I kept learning and researching. Over time, things started to make a lot more sense and I became much more comfortable with the technology. Along the way, I documented all the tips, tricks and mysteries of BLE and spent many days and weeks applying this knowledge to developing on a real platform. I evaluated many platforms and decided to develop exclusively for the nRF52 platform, the one I found to be the most developer-friendly.

Looking back, I wished there were better books and resources that targeted developers with more practical examples. Something that guided me through building a complete BLE application from scratch. In July 2017, I decided to start writing the book that I wish I had when I first started learning BLE.

Finally, after long days and sleepless nights, I released the book on March 28, 2018. I hope you will give me the opportunity to pass along this valuable resource that will save you time and money and help you launch your BLE product to market faster!

What's Included?

Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Basics of Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Architecture
  • BLE Advertisements
  • BLE Connections
  • The Generic Access Profile (GAP)
  • The Generic Attribute Profile (GATT)
  • Bluetooth 5

BLE Application Design Guidelines

  • GAP Design Guidelines
  • GATT Design Guidelines
  • Optimizing Power Consumption
  • BLE Security
  • Navigating the Bluetooth Specification Document
  • How to Choose a BLE Module/Chipset

Practical BLE Development

  • Introduction to the nRF52 SDK
  • Development Environment Setup
  • Main Project File Structure
  • nRF Development and Troubleshooting Tips
  • The “Hello World” Example
  • Debugging and Testing Your BLE Application
  • Reverse Engineering a Bluetooth Lightbulb

Complete Home Automation Project Implementation

  • Full Implementation of BLE Peripheral Device
  • Full Implementation of BLE Central Device
  • BLE Gateway Implementation
  • BLE Remote Control Implementation
  • Cloud Connectivity using nRF Cloud

Video Tutorials

  • Over four hours of practical step-by-step video tutorials
  • Covers material not available anywhere else, in an easy-to-follow video format
  • 15-25 minutes for each video tutorial
  • Downloadable and streamable video files (watch anywhere)
SES Windows Installation
SES Linux Installation
SES Debugging Tutorial
Bluetooth Developer Studio Tutorial
Ellisys Bluetooth Tracker Tutorial
nRF Sniffer (Wireshark) Tutorial
nRF Connect Tutorial
Nordic Power Profiler Kit Tutorial
Bluetooth Specification Document Tutorial
Bluetooth 5 Long-range Tutorial
BLE Security Example Walkthrough
nRF Cloud Connectivity Tutorial

Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth Low Energy: A Developer's Guide

Stop reading books that look good on paper, but leave you stuck on how to start developing. Instead, start developing today!

A major (free) update is coming soon with much-improved content.

Basic Bundle


  • The Basic Bundle is perfect for you if you're on a budget, but still looking to learn all about Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth 5 in the most efficient manner.

    It starts with the basics and core concepts of BLE technology, then gets into design, testing, debugging, and implementation. It does this all while guiding you through learning by building a complete Home Automation project that utilizes the most important aspects of BLE.

    The platform used for the Home Automation project implementation and all exercises is the Nordic nRF52 series development kit (nRF52840).
  • All chapters downloadable in PDF format.
  • Basics of Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth 5.
  • Utilizing Bluetooth 5 to achieve 2x speed, 4x range, and 8x advertising capacity.
  • Guide to building a complete BLE Home Automation project from scratch using the nRF52840 development kit.
  • Designing your GATT, GAP and optimizing the different BLE parameters.
  • Achieving optimum power consumption and battery life.
  • Debugging BLE communication including Advertisements and Connections.
  • Complete downloadable source code for building the Home Automation Project.
  • FREE updates as the book content and source code is updated and imrpoved.

Accelerator Bundle


  • The Accelerator Bundle is perfect for you if you're looking to save the most time and you want to get the best value for the price.

    If you love to learn through video tutorials that guide you step-by-step for tasks that are difficult to put in writing, then you should go with this bundle.
  • Includes Everything in the Basic Bundle.
  • In addition, it includes Nine Video Tutorials covering the following topics (NOT included in the Basic Bundle):
  • How to set up your development environment using open source tools on Linux (Segger Embedded Studio).
  • How to set up your development environment using open source tools on Windows (Segger Embedded Studio).
  • How to debug your nRF52 application in Segger Embedded Studio (SES).
  • How to use Bluetooth Developer Studio to design your GATT.
  • Advanced use of the nRF Connect application on mobile and desktop to debug your BLE application.
  • How to use the Ellisys Bluetooth Tracker to debug your BLE application
  • How to use the Nordic BLE sniffer to capture and analyze BLE traffic.
  • How to measure your application current and power consumption using the Nordic Power Profiler Kit (PPK).
  • All videos are downloadable and streamable so you could watch them anywhere at your convenience.
  • FREE updates to the videos, book content, and source code as they get revised and improved.

Ultimate Bundle


  • The Ultimate Bundle is for you if you'd like to have some help along the way.

    If you want piece of mind, knowing that someone is there to help you along the way with learning or for your own project implementation. Or if you want some extra help with any issues or questions you may have after reading through the whole book.
  • Includes Everything in the Accelerator Bundle.
  • Two hours of consulting and help with nRF52 development and answering any questions you have about BLE and Bluetooth 5. This can be either via video calls, phone calls, and/or email support.
    (VALUED at $500!)
  • FREE updates to the videos, book content, and source code as they get revised and improved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this book for?

This book is for any developer who has some basic understanding of embedded development on microcontrollers and is looking to learn about BLE and how to utilize it in their project. This will also serve well for someone who knows the basics of BLE on the mobile side and is looking to learn more about it on the embedded side.


Who is it NOT for?

It is not for someone who has zero knowledge of software development and no experience with C language development for microcontrollers. Not for the hobbyist, UNLESS you have some experience with software development and you’re willing to spend the time to learn through additional resources as well.


What if I want a team license?  

If you're looking to purchase this for a team and give several developers access to all the material, contact me and I'll provide you with options for a site-wide license.


What operating systems do the exercises/tutorials run on?  

All exercises and software tutorials are meant to run on all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, and macOS). With the use of Segger Embedded Studio, you'll be able to set up your development environment and start developing on any operating system of your choice.


I'm a college/university professor, how can this book help me and my students?

Contact me to see how this can fit as the perfect material for a lab on wireless technologies and embedded systems. I guarantee you this book will serve as one of the most practical and industry-applicable classes they will take!

About the Author

Mohammad Afaneh

Hi! I'm Mohammad Afaneh, developer, founder of Novel Bits, and trainer in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) development. I teach everything I know about Bluetooth Low Energy development on my blog, through video tutorials, and at developer training sessions around the world.

Have a question that I missed? I'd love to hear from you! Contact me HERE.

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