Tired of Feeling Lost While Developing Bluetooth Low Energy Products?

Introducing the Private and Invite-only


Launching in Fall 2019

An exclusive online community for embedded engineers helping each other grow and excel in Bluetooth Low Energy development.

  • Exclusive

    Exclusive, only for developers who are serious and dedicated to changing the world with Bluetooth technology.

  • Continuous Education

    Weekly new tutorials, videos, and examples keep you up-to-date with the latest in Bluetooth development.

  • Community

    Interact, learn, and get advice from other developers and experts in the field through a private forum.

  • Tons of Practice

    Apply the theory you learn to real-life implementations on various popular embedded platforms.

  • Office Hours

    Q&A sessions and webinars to ask questions and get expert advice for the development of your Bluetooth project.

What's Included?

Comprehensive Tutorials

Learn the basics of Bluetooth Low Energy starting from the basics all the way to more advanced topics.

Example Applications

Exclusive access to a variety of examples for different industries and applications, including complete source code download.


Enhance your learning experience by following the included video tutorials, screencasts, and monthly live webinars.

Downloadable Freebies

Get access to a slew of freebies including downloadable e-books, cheat sheets, and reference guides.

Private Community

Join a private community of Bluetooth developers, experts, and enthusiasts via an exclusive online forum.

Source Code

Access to complete source code that you can download and re-use right away for your own project.

Now Accepting Early Applications

Launching Fall 2019
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