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Intro to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) book [version 2.0]

Learn the core basics of Bluetooth Low Energy in a single weekend!

This book is carefully crafted to be the easiest and most up-to-date beginner's guide for learning Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.

Here are a few of the many benefits this book will provide you:

  • Understand what Bluetooth Low Energy is and how it differs from Bluetooth Classic (BR/EDR)
  • Learn the use cases where BLE makes the most sense and where it doesn't
  • Understand how BLE devices get discovered, connect to each other, exchange data, and secure the connection channel.
  • How data is structured and exposed by a BLE device
  • Step-by-step guide on how to design the structure of your BLE device's exposed data [via a comprehensive GATT design exercise]
  • Learn about the most important features introduced in each of the different versions of the spec (from version 4.0 – version 5.3)
  • Updated with every new release of the Bluetooth Core Specification!

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Stop spending hours researching blogs and reading outdated BLE books!

Learning a new technology is always a challenge, that also comes with a learning curve. Some technologies are easier to learn than others. Unfortunately, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is one of those hard ones, especially in the beginning.

The complexity and length of the official core specification (3,000+ pages!) and the lack of up-to-date books for beginners make the task even more difficult!

When I first started learning BLE (in 2014) and wanted to get started with developing embedded BLE applications, I was overwhelmed and spent countless hours and days reading through outdated books and resources. I would frequently get confused with a specific topic covered in the existing resources and would have to refer to the complex core specification document to understand it and find more information on that topic.

Now let me tell you, the specification document is a very confusing and complex piece of work. 🥴 Believe me, you want it to literally be the last resource you refer to in any given situation. The current version is over 3,000 pages and frequently mixes Classic Bluetooth with BLE aspects, which makes it even more frustrating to read!

You can do better, I promise!

In my journey of learning Bluetooth Low Energy and developing dozens of BLE applications, I've gone through many obstacles and hoops. But now, I've taken a step back, way back to the early days when I first started learning about this technology. I put myself in a beginner's shoes and I asked myself one simple question:

What are the most important concepts in BLE that I wish I had learned in the beginning of my journey - the information that would've gotten me past the break-in period in the shortest time possible?

The answer to this question lies in the collection of content and information that I've put together in the book.

Who am I? and why did I write this book?


Hi! My name is Mohammad Afaneh, and I've been an embedded developer for over 15 years. Since 2014, I've focused solely on learning and developing Bluetooth Low Energy applications.

I've been in your shoes before.

You see, when I first started learning BLE, I spent hours, days, and weeks reading through every resource I could get my hands on!

However, every resource I came across was either: 

  • Too detailed, leaving me overwhelmed with all the jargon and nitty-gritty details that I didn't really care about as a beginner.
  • Or, it was too short, leaving me with many unanswered questions.

Not to mention that the last read-worthy book written on Bluetooth Low Energy was published or updated in 2015! That's more than 5 years ago - an eternity for a rapid-changing wireless technology standard such as BLE!  

I've even spent days and weeks going through the official 3,000+ page Bluetooth Specification document trying to find answers to the many questions I had.

With this book in your hands, I'll be saving you from going down this painful path of learning BLE. Instead, you'll spend a few hours reading through this guide that will teach you the core concepts of Bluetooth Low Energy - only what you need to get started with this exciting wireless technology in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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What's Included?

The book covers:  

  • The basics of Bluetooth Low Energy
  • The difference between BLE and Bluetooth Classic (BR/EDR)
  • The benefits and limitations of using BLE and which use cases make the most sense for BLE
  • The difference between Centrals and Peripherals
  • All about GATT (Generic Attribute Profile) and GAP (Generic Access Profile)
  • A comprehensive GATT design exercise
  • How BLE devices advertise and how other BLE devices discover advertisers
  • How two BLE devices connect to each other
  • How BLE devices exchange and transfer data between each other
  • Profiles, Services, and Characteristics
  • How BLE achieves security and privacy
  • The features introduced in all updated versions of BLE including versions 4.1, 4.2, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3
  • Isochronous channels in BLE (the foundation for LE Audio: the next generation of Bluetooth audio)  
  • An introduction to Bluetooth mesh

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this book for?

No Programming Experience Required!

This book is for anyone looking to learn Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE): whether you're an embedded developer or mobile developer working on a companion BLE iOS app, or even a marketer or sales professional working for an IoT company or a BLE chipset vendor/distributor.

Who is it not for?

It is not for someone who is well experienced in Bluetooth Low Energy or looking for a practical guide for embedded or mobile development of BLE applications.

About the Author


Hi! I'm Mohammad Afaneh, embedded developer & founder of Novel Bits. I teach everything I know about Bluetooth Low Energy and development for this technology on my blog, through video tutorials, and books.

Have a question that I missed? I'd love to hear from you! Contact me here.

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