Weekly Bluetooth Industry Report [Mar 6, 2020]

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New Feather nRF52840 Sense development board launches
Adafruit has this week announced the availability of its new Feather nRF52840 Sense development board, which is now available to purchase priced at $28.95 offering a “smorgasbord of sensors” and is a BLE-friendly CircuitPython board.

FDA says pacemakers, glucose monitors and other devices could be vulnerable to hackers
Federal agencies warned patients and manufacturers Tuesday that a recently discovered problem with Bluetooth Low Energy communications may allow computer hackers to remotely disable or access pacemakers, glucose monitors, ultrasound devices and other medical systems. The FDA and Homeland Security Department said that while there have been no reports of patients harmed by the problem, the software needed to run such an attack is available online.

Stellar-Based IoT App Nodle Joins Tokenized Connectivity Race
An app that allows users to earn a Stellar-based token by providing last-mile access for internet-of-things (IoT) devices is now live on Apple’s App Store. “The Nodle Cash app for iOS has been in development for the last six months,” Nodle CEO Micha Benoliel told CoinDesk. “We believe Nodle is truly for everyone.” The app is already live on Android.

Yeelight Plan to Increase Range of Bluetooth Mesh Lighting Products
Yeelight, the Chinese lighting company responsible for some of the more interesting HomeKit-enabled lighting products in the last couple of years (the Mi Desk Lamp Pro and the Staria Bedside Lamp Pro being two good examples), are still working to bring their Bluetooth Mesh lighting range to a wider audience, and with the discovery of some more products in the pipeline, there may well be a good choice on offer soon.

Debug hardware for contact and contactless transaction
This accelerates time to market for smart cards, NFC tags, ePassports, mobile devices and readers by identifying interoperability issues quickly and easily. The new hardware, FIME Probe+, is smaller, lighter and more portable. It features a longer battery life and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication to avoid restricting wires. The Smartspy+ Analyzer software combines enhanced user experience with new features to fully meet the latest mobility needs of product developers. The company says its device makes it much easier to develop and test the protocol communication between smart card readers and cards.

Mijia Jump on Bluetooth Mesh With New Bulb and Downlight
Mijia, the smart home section of Xiaomi, introduced two new lighting products today, via their Mi Home, both of which utilise the Bluetooth Mesh protocol. The new lighting products – E27 smart bulb, and a downlight – both appeared in the listing section of Mi Home app today, and are designed to work with the recently released Mi Smart Gateway (read our review HERE), which in addition to being a Zigbee gateway, also has functionality as both a standard Bluetooth and Bluetooth Mesh gateway.

World Hearing Day: Hearing aids, music buds and Bluetooth LE Audio
Speaking at the event was Ken Kolderup, Vice President of Marketing for the Bluetooth SIG, who put the new specification in the context of hearing aid support. Basically, the new version of Bluetooth brings such features as enabling lower-power devices (via its LCS codec), enabling multi-stream audio to support both left and right hearing aids (with built-in audio synchronisation) and increased broadcast functionality to allow audio sharing.

Bluetooth LE sensor and gateway solution enables track and trace, asset tracking, condition monitoring, safety, and indoor navigation
Nordic Semiconductor today announces that Niruha Systems, a Pune, India-based technology company, has selected Nordic’s nRF52832 Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) System-on-Chip (SoC) as the main processor and low power wireless connectivity solution for its ‘nible’ ecosystem, a beacon/sensor and gateway combination solution designed primarily for use in asset tracking, condition monitoring, workforce safety, and indoor navigation applications.

Swissport tracks ULDs with Bluetooth
Deploying the readers will expand the network used to provide airlines with real-time tracking of international mail, parcel and cargo shipments via the Descartes Core Unit Load Device (ULD) tracking service. Hendrik Leyssens, vice president global cargo operations at Swissport, said, “Our cooperation with Descartes and the introduction of global ULD tracking at our cargo warehouses creates added value for our customers and drives the digital transformation of the cargo supply chain and the industry.”

New ‘essential’ hearing aid offers intuitive helpful features for wearers
Oticon has announced its new “essential” hearing aid, Oticon Ruby, which provides reliable rechargeability, great sound quality and performance, a new feedback management system and wireless connectivity. Designed to improve sound quality and a user’s overall hearing aid experience, the Oticon Ruby SuperShield feedback management system analyses incoming sound levels, identifies feedback risk and quickly prevents whistling before it occurs. With the new hearing aid, wearers can hug, talk on the phone, or travel in their car without the whistling traditional hearing aids are prone to.

ASSA ABLOY Unveils The Latest In ‘Curb-To-Core’ Solutions At ISC West 2020
As SIA’s 2020 Member of the Year, ASSA ABLOY’s presence at ISC West 2020 will include an enhanced booth experience, showcasing a suite of new product innovations that help security professionals create access in smart and efficient ways.

ADORA-BLE Synth Wails Without Wires
Isn’t this the cutest little synth you ever saw? The matching sparkly half-stack amp really makes it, visually speaking. But the most interesting part? There’s not a wire in sight, ’cause [Blitz City DIY]’s futuristic rig sends the bleep boops over Bluetooth LE.

Air Wick’s New Scented Oil Diffuser Can Be Controlled With Your iPhone
Air Wick recently introduced a new Bluetooth-enabled scented oil diffuser that can be controlled with your iPhone. A diffuser transforms essential oils into a light, fragrant mist to give your home a nice scent. Air Wick’s cordless, battery-powered device uses pre-mixed oil refills, eliminating the need to add water separately.

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