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BLE Beacon Wireless Access Point Router Integrated Beacon Device Launched
The Tech Launcher launched the latest Aruba 303 series, a Wireless Access Point router combining WiFi and Bluetooth beacon technologies for increased flexibility and high performance. Aruba, The Tech Launcher’s leading Wi-Fi technology company, launched its new Wireless Access Point router for residential and small business use. Ideal for medium device density environments, the router delivers high-performance connectivity and features an integrated BLE radio for increased versatility.

Wearable Technology to Help Fight COVID-19 Pandemic
A Cornell-based startup has expanded the features of its platform’s technology to fit the caution required as result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The technology ensures social distancing in the workplace, enabling companies to bring employees back to work safely. Iterate Labs was established in 2016 with the goal of creating wearable technologies and software to improve workplace ergonomic safety and risk assessment and reduce workplace repetitive-use injuries. But in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has significantly enhanced the accuracy and real-time reporting capabilities of its location awareness and contact tracing technologies.

Coronavirus: Melbourne researchers develop tracing app alternative to COVIDSafe
A new tracing tool which picks up coronavirus contacts in two minutes is being rolled out in aged care homes in Sydney and Victoria, as COVID-19 forces Melbourne into the harshest lockdown seen in this country so far. Contact Harald has been developed by RMIT Health Transformation Lab in Melbourne and Safedome, a Bluetooth tracking company that has developed apps that claim to be able to use Bluetooth to find your phone, wallet or keys.

Maggy, a Bluetooth wearable, warns when workers are too close
Silicon Labs of Austin, Texas, will supply the Bluetooth module for a small wearable device called  Maggy, designed by a Belgian startup, that beeps and vibrates when people aren’t social distancing and move closer than 6 feet. Because the $47 device relies on Bluetooth instead of Ultra-Wide Band technology, it is at least half as costly than other social distancing tech on the market, according to Ruben Miessen, CEO of Maggy.  “UWB devices are two to three times more expensive and don’t have the energy efficiency of Bluetooth,” he said in an interview with Fierce Electronics.

Laird Releases BT710 Bluetooth Tracking Device
Laird Connectivity announced the release of the Sentrius BT710 tracker for real-time social distancing and contact tracing. The Bluetooth tracker takes advantage of long-range Bluetooth 5. Further, it has three user alerts that include four LEDs, vibration, and a beeper.

Renesas Introduces Bluetooth Low Energy Module for Ultra-Low Power IoT Applications
Renesas Electronics Corporation, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced sample shipment availability of the new RYZ012 Bluetooth® module targeting ultra-low power IoT applications. The RYZ012 is Renesas’ first Bluetooth Low Energy 5 module. It integrates a 2.4 GHz RF transceiver supporting the IEEE802.15.4 multi-standard wireless protocol, Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), Bluetooth LE Mesh, and ZigBee. The RYZ012 features a power draw of only 0.4µA during deep sleep (without SRAM retention) allowing customers to extend battery life.

Taking Panic Button Alert Monitoring to the Cloud
With more local governments enacting legislation mandating that hotels provide panic buttons to their employees, companies providing these devices are enhancing their products for better productivity. React Mobile recently updated the dispatch center for its panic button solutions to provide response teams real-time access to emergency alerts via any browser.

Android’s AirDrop competitor gets publicly released for Pixel and Samsung phones
Google’s AirDrop-style quick file sharing feature, Nearby Share, has been released to the public after a short beta phase – but reportedly only on select Google Pixel and Samsung phones at first. Nearby Share was released in beta at the beginning of July as a way to easily share files to other Android phones using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The feature is available to phones running Android 6 and above, though it will soon come to other platforms, Android product manager Daniel Marcos said in a walkthrough video.

Safetrust to provide touchless authentication for Elatec readers
Safetrust Inc., a provider of virtual credential solutions, has teamed with Elatec USA Inc., a provider radio frequency identification readers that enable user authentication for access control applications, to provide customers with a secure, contactless authentication solution for Elatec’s TWN4 MultiTech family of BLE readers, according to press release. The technology integration enables Elatec customers to gain mobile access using virtual credentials stored in their Safetrust wallet application.

What is Bluetooth Mesh? | Tech Chats – with Cypress Semiconductor
Chris Anderson chats with Michael Shen of Cypress Semiconductor about Bluetooth mesh, covering a range of applications, design challenges, system-level solutions, and more. Tech Chats is a video series highlighting long-form conversations with industry experts about the features, applications, and technical specs of newly-released products.

ERP Power PTB Series enables indoor LED lighting innovation
ERP Power LLC, a leading provider of small, smart, and connected LED drivers and light engines for the lighting industry, today announced the world’s smallest programmable output drivers with industry-leading power efficiency and broad dimmer compatibility.  The new PTB Series drivers are scheduled to be available from ERP Power distributors in Q3 2020 from Arrow, DigiKey, Future, Mouser, and WPG in the Americas region.

Silicon Labs’ Bluetooth SiP Powers Social-Distancing Wearable
It’s common knowledge by now that social distancing is a key element of preventing the spread of COVID-19. To that end, Maggy, a Belgium-based startup specializing in Bluetooth-enabled, rechargeable, social-distancing devices, has chosen a Silicon Labs Bluetooth system-in-package (SiP) module to enable a new, compact wearable that warns users when the distance between people becomes too small and could pose a risk of COVID-19 infection transfer.

VMware Introduces New Remote Work Capabilities to Workspace ONE
VMware is introducing new remote work capabilities to the Workspace ONE platform, according to a press release on the company’s website. The vendor has announced new workplace solutions to help companies return their employees to offices safely as they keep combatting the effects of COVID-19. It also enables enhanced office experiences and business resilience by leveraging hybrid cloud scale and unique integrations with other VMware technologies.

Covid-19 Bluetooth LE tracker aims to get large indoor workforces safely back to work and claims to be the best device of its kind yet launched
Using a combination of Bluetooth Direction Finding and Long Range functionality working in conjunction with a smartphone-free cloud gateway, the wearable is designed to alarm if work colleagues violate social distancing rules and allow rapid contact tracing if an individual tests positive for Covid-19. Nordic Semiconductor today announces that U.S.-based IoT startup, Smart Mimic, is employing Nordic nRF52820 Systems-on-Chip (SoCs) in its Mimic S that is claimed to be the most advanced, high accuracy, low cost, and low energy large workforce Covid-19 social distance tracker launched to date.

Bluetooth 5.2 module enables OEMs to wirelessly collect intelligent sensor data for IoT applications
Nordic Semiconductor today announces that InvenSense, a TDK Group company based in San Jose, CA, has selected Nordic’s nRF52840 Bluetooth® 5.2/Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) advanced multiprotocol System-on-Chip (SoC) to provide the core processing power and wireless connectivity for its ‘SmartBug™’ IoT module. The solution allows OEMs and IoT product developers to better understand real application signatures, environmental variations, and sensor algorithm behaviors in order to develop effective algorithms and evaluate what sensor types will be best suited in specific use-cases. 

New Application Automates Workplace Social Distancing, Contact Tracing
Workplaces can easily manage social distancing and conduct contact tracing thanks to the new HID Location Services for Workplace Safety physical distancing application. Meeting local regulations to prevent workplace exposure to COVID-19 is vital for businesses to resume productivity and restore employee confidence. This application can be set up in hours with no integration required with existing systems. The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) HID BEEKS Aware fobs alert employees when they are closer than 2 meters (6.5 feet) from each other for a specified period. 

Bluetooth comms for Coriolis flowmeters
Bluetooth BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is available for all Optimass meters with the MFC 400 VE54 converter ER 2.1. and later. BLE in conjunction with the free to use Opticheck Flow Mobile app allows secure wireless communication using a smartphone or tablet. The firm states that Optimass sensors with MFC400 converter and BLE are the only SIL-certified mass flowmeters on the market allowing Bluetooth communication. Similar to the concentration measurement feature, the Bluetooth software is implemented in the MFC 400 VE54 ER 2.1. and later but deactivated unless ordered.

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