Weekly Bluetooth Industry Report (Feb 7, 2020)

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Google open-sources the tools needed to make 2FA security keys
The initiative, called OpenSK, uses Rust-based firmware to essentially turn Nordic chip dongles into a FIDO U2F and FIDO2-compliant security key. Google has also published a source code for users to 3D print a physical case for the dongle, so their security keys look and can be used like standard keys.

Bluetooth LE/Bluetooth 5 Long Range multi-sensor device enables reliable sensor data transfer in harsh environments
Nordic Semiconductor today announces that Laird Connectivity, an Akron, Ohio-based leading wireless technology company, has selected Nordic’s nRF52840 Bluetooth® 5/Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) advanced multiprotocol System-on-Chip (SoC) to power its ‘Sentrius™ BT510 long-range sensor platform’. The platform is designed to provide reliable sensor data in harsh environments, for example cold chain transport, agriculture, and remote asset monitoring applications.

5 Things You Don’t Know About Bluetooth Range
From frequency hopping to forward error correction, watch Mohammad Afaneh share some things you may not already know in this technical look at Bluetooth range.

What is Bluetooth multipoint, and why isn’t it more popular?
We’ve all been there: it’s a Friday and the minutes are ticking away slowly, so to pass time faster, we surreptitiously turn on Netflix. Well, with multipoint, you can use your work laptop to listen to your show while remaining aware of any work notifications that come through your phone, all with a single headset. Using your favorite headset to connect to multiple devices simultaneously is a small delight that headphone manufacturers tend to overlook, and just a  select few devices support the technology. Let’s breakdown what multipoint is and why just some headphones support this beloved feature.

IoT Companies Moving to Open Standards
Several of the largest technology companies, along with the Zigbee Alliance, launched a working group in December 2019 to create an Internet of Thing (IoT) connectivity standard, known as Project Connected Home over IP (Project CHIP). The project is aimed at easing the way for device manufacturers to create products that can connect with other IoT systems.

R+W on the intelligent revolution in couplings for Industry 4.0
There are many cases where an expensive torque sensor would be excessive for measuring torque and speed. R+W Antriebselemente has launched a completely new alternative with its intelligent coupling. The product innovation presented here permits recording measurement data directly in the drive train, taking very accurate measurements and simultaneously user-friendly operation.

Omni-ID reveals new range of IoT devices
Provider of passive industrial radio frequency identification (RFID) tags used by major global organisations to provide information on the location and identity of assets, Omni-ID, has today announced the launch of a new range of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Long Range (LoRa) enabled devices.

Unipac Increases Inventory Accuracy to 98 Percent via RFID
Plastic-processing company Unipac, a subsidiary of Jacto Group—which ended 2018 with a reported net revenue of 1.5 billion Brazilian real ($356 million)—has adopted a combination of UHF RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies, together with QR codes. As a result, the company says it has achieved inventory accuracy greater than 98 percent. The Internet of Things (IoT)-based platform was developed by the Center for Innovation in Agribusiness (CIAg), which was responsible for defining the architecture, specifying features based on customer requirements, implementing and validating the solution, providing customer training and maintenance, and developing new features.

New Bluetooth microcontroller intelligence includes value-added NFC peripheral
NXP Semiconductors now offers its QN9090 and QN9030 Bluetooth 5 SoC with hardware compatible options for 802.15.4, Multiprotocol RF, and optional NFC technology. The series is available now from Mouser. The latest enhancements to its series of BLE devices assist next-generation intelligent connected devices by delivering ultra-low power consumption and integrating a high-capacity CPU with a wide operating temperature range, a comprehensive mix of analog and digital peripherals and BLE mesh support.

Chrome Os Is Adding New OOBE For Pairing Bluetooth Peripherals
In the ongoing effort to make Chrome OS a polished, well-rounded platform, a year and a half old bug is getting some attention that will make the out of box experience of pairing Bluetooth devices feel a bit less antiquated. As reported by Kevin Tofel of About Chromebooks, the feature has been in the works since June of 2018 but until recently has remained fairly untouched until just a few weeks ago. The purpose behind the feature addition will present users with a more modern pairing screen for Bluetooth keyboards and mice when setting up a device from scratch.

Apple lays groundwork to use iPhone as a car key via NFC
Apple is seemingly taking the first steps to making an iPhone or Apple Watch function as a key for a car or van, with the presence of references to a “CarKey” API within the first iOS 13.4 beta indicating it could be used to unlock or even start a vehicle. Apple released the first developer beta build of iOS 13.4 on Wednesday, but as is commonly the case for the builds, it did not advise of any changes to expect within each of them. One behind-the-scenes change that is hidden in the code suggests at least one major new feature is in the works.

Traxens joins French Smart Port in Med open innovation challenge
 Traxens, a company that provides high-value data and services for the supply chain industry, announces today its participation in the French Smart Port in Med open innovation challenge. This project affirms and consolidates the port status of the Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolis. It also takes advantage of the digital revolution. It aims to develop innovative solutions, promote the economic potential of the port cluster and improve sustainable development for ports of the future.

DeltaTrak set to unveil new loggers
Transport monitoring specialist DeltaTrak is set to launch two new BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) loggers. The FlashLink In-Transit BLE Logger and the FlashLink In-Transit BLE TH (Temperature & Humidity) Logger will be unveiled at this week’s Fruit Logistica trade show in Berlin. The new loggers employ wireless technology and smart phone functionality to provide trip data without the need to retrieve the device. Data is accessed from a mobile device using a dedicated app, which functions from a distance of up to 65ft from the container. A USB connection also gives users the ability to download a PDF report.

What is Bluetooth, why the unusual name, and how does it work?
At its simplest, Bluetooth is a form of wireless technology used to transmit data over relatively short distances from one device to another, and appears in a range of devices across the smart home space. This data can range from a simple instruction — a smartphone telling a connected door lock to open, for example — to small files like text documents, and broader bandwidth applications like streaming high definition audio.

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